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Fast Food Does Cause Acne

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There are two schools of thought on the relationship between acne and fast food. One school will say acne has nothing to do with fast food. I can agree with this in a small way in that acne is not caused by fast food, but it can make the skin condition worse. Doctors will tell you this, especially that high oil, high sugar foods such as soft drink and oily burgers will lead to worse acne.

Here are some reasons why fast food does make acne worse :

1. High oil. Puts pressure on your heart and other organs. Which can be consistently controlled until the elderly years. Does lead to less blood flow which evidently affects the quality of the food and acne. How ever olive oil has been proven to be good for the heart over the years.

2. High sugar foods. Mainly looking at chocolate and soft drinks. High sugar is what forms acne in a small way. A good thing to do is stay away from apple juice and stick with the water. As with all these foods and drinks they are fine in moderation, but a regular consumption of them would worsen the condition of the skin.

3. High salt foods. This is generally bad for your body. Although there is a lack of medical evidence in the third reason, when compared to the first two it is best to stay away from excessive amounts of salt. Simply using less can help your skin condition as it can with all these three types of food.

If you care about your skin, make sure to have a healthy diet. Also have a large water based diet. Often drinking only water for several days gives you an immediate improvement in the condition of your acne.

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